Everybody believes in working together as often as possible. We work together internally or using third parties with whom we co-operate from time-to-time. It’s part of our core ethic and something we believe in very strongly.

MetWendy Communications

Wendy Batist-Bushnell

MetWendy is a marketing specialist with 20 years of experience in the field of marketing, communication strategy/management, commerce and brand management.

Sow Media

Erwin Van Ginkel / Jan-Willem Visser

Sowing the seeds, for us, is a really strong symbol for growth and development. All of our activities are aimed at facilitating the growth of customers using our Internet and e-commerce services.

Ditvoorst Internet Services

Alexander Ditvoorst

Alex Ditvoorst is owner of Ditvoorst Internet Services. After his University studies, he has worked for the past 10 years as an Internet consultant in the field of Internet marketing, eCommerce and Magento webshops.

Studio Duko Stolwijk

Duko Stolwijk

Duko Stolwijk produces a wonderful range of images, from beautiful static portraits to exciting and informative films in a wide variety of formats to help a range of clients communicate their messages.

Re-Struct Web

Michael / Timo / Annemieke

Restruct does sites & apps.
Often as technical partner for communication professionals. Our skills allow for a clear alignment of business goals, creative process and technical implementation. Technological changes are fast paced, we’re on top of ’em. Whether it’s websites, mobile apps or social media, we’ve got your back!

Rosehill Press

Christian Chadwick

Rosehill Press is our first port of call when any of our English client base require print. Fast, reliable and very budget conscious we highly recommend talking to this highly knowledgeable and above all– friendly, print company.