Good design is always worth the investment and Everybody likes to use a measurable approach it to ensure that design is working as hard as possible for the particular needs of your business, brand or organisation.

Design has always been one of, if not the most important tool in any marketers’ toolbox. With more and more channels to broadcast your message, how do you achieve a good return on your investment?

Everybody is results driven. We are designers first and foremost, but we are also business minded individuals who make sure each of our investments is worth while. We don’t like to gamble on things, so why should you? With our 45 years of combined knowledge and experience, we’re able to guide you through what works– and more importantly, what doesn’t.

As a marketing professional you want to justify each and every spend on your communications materials than ever before, and because we understand that mindset, Everybody can help you do just that… measure each and every project we work on.

But how do we do that?
In principle, on digital projects everything is trackable (should you want to do that) making it easy, marketing email campaigns are also trackable, website analysis is easy with powerful tools that allow you a wonderful insight into their success rate, so that’s all taken care of. But how do you gauge the success of a re-brand, Identity, brochure, or off-line promotional campaign? By the addition of a few simple goals, it becomes easier to work out how successful a piece is.

As you know, all businesses should run on, or at least set themselves goals, therefore why not apply goals to your marketing spend too? Let’s give you a simple example. If your new product catalogue is launched on a certain date, then you could measure the number of enquiries generated from it, after that launch date. Compare this to the data from previous years, and you can see how much of an improvement has been made. Goal setting in this way helps you to see how much of an improvement the new catalogue has really made.

Making it effective
Now, with that in mind, you can start to apply cost analysis to it. How much is each enquiry worth to you? How much are you prepared to spend on generating those enquiries against the conversion of those enquires into cold hard orders? Those are things that we like to take into account for projects wherever possible. When coupled with our ability to use a brand’s values to gauge suitability of message, it really becomes a valuable tool that we can offer.

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Everybody’s top tips to help you start measuring your communications:

Discuss early on in the project your goals as part of the briefing process.

It’s much better to talk to your designer about the goals you have for a certain project at the very beginning. That way it becomes more efficient to produce the work and concepts are created to fit with these requirements in mind from the very inception.

Develop a long term strategy that you can work with the same designer on.

There are very few things that can be fixed by one simple piece of communication. For that reason, a strategic communication plan, which you can work on alongside a designer, will help in the long run by helping both the consistency of message and the effectiveness of the message.

Resist the temptation to offer messages that are not easy to measure.

Stick to your guns on your strategy. The choice is always yours, but it is much better to not take knee-jerk, or reactive decisions that cause your hard work on a campaign start to fall apart or become disjointed because of a panicky moment.

“Measure” each message that you send out against your brand values to gauge how it will be received.

In a similar way to the damage that a “me too!” campaign can inflict, offering up a promotional item that doesn’t fit your brand values will cause damage to the way in which you can measure the appropriateness of your message.

Start as soon as you can, before you start to fall behind those who are doing it already!

If you’re currently buying design, or looking to buy design, then it’s worth giving us a call to see how we can help you measure your communications. Remember it’s about you getting the best value from your marketing spend!

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