The average city dweller sees well in excess of 3,000 brand messages every single day, which means your message needs to be more than just prominent… to engage your consumer, it needs to be relevant too!

With the advent of the digital age and the subsequent internet boom, the number of ways in which you can engage with your audience keeps on increasing.

By carefully producing communications aimed at audience engagement, Everybody helps your business to grow. First of all, we’ll get to know your business and then hope to build a relationship to allow us to further understand the nature of the market you are operating in.

Use the correct channel.
However, simply talking to the right people is not enough. What is needed is to talk to the right people but also to talk to them in the right way, making use of a carefully composed mix of channels. Then you are truly engaging with your audience.

For these reasons, we firmly believe that the production of concepts which translate across the myriad of communications channels which exist in today’s market place is key. The concept should not just engage with your audience, it should keep them engaged.

We aim to ensure that your message is getting to your target market, audience consumer or client and is not being lost among the 3,000 messages they will see every day.

Being consistent is essential. As an example – if your company’s Facebook page bears no similarity to any of the other elements of your outward communication and projection of your brand, the overall image can look disjointed and amateurish.

Strategic thinking.
Our years of experience in the branding and visual identity markets have given us an understanding of strategic and conceptual thinking which helps to guide you through choosing the right channels for your particular message. Planning and executing a brand strategy that suits your company profile and image is our forté.

In a nutshell, we would like to help you to communicate your message efficiently and cost effectively. So – take that first step and get in touch with us today.

Everybody’s top tips to help you engage your audience:

Learn to use the right channels for your messages and to use them effectively.

It’s a good idea to start by deciding which ones are not right for you, once you start to do that you can better decide where to place your marketing budget and develop a strategic approach to your communications.

Make sure you’re directing your messages at the right target.

Using the right channels for your business is fine, but you must ensure those channels direct your message to the right target, ie your customers and potential customers!

Keep an eye on your message and ensure it stays “on brand”.

Maintaining a consistent message is key to all engaging conversations. There is nothing to be gained by communicating fragmented messages here and there; if your print and digital campaigns look the same and work together, the message is much stronger.

Avoid “Me too!” marketing at all costs!

By developing your own strategy and sticking to it, you will find that it pays dividends as the consistency of your unique message starts to resonate with your target audience. Moreover, it will enhance the brand reputation.

Work at building a strong relationship with your communications agency.

A strong bond ensures the best quality work and when a level of trust is built up, it will start to show. If that Agency is Everybody can design, then all the better! Start that relationship here.

Everybody is highly experienced in the provision of design and branding for a wide range of organisations. If you want to talk to us then we’re always happy to meet you to talk through your requirements… you can make the first step by clicking here to get in touch to arrange a meeting.