Good creative design affects a business in a hugely positive way. With that in mind, Everybody strives to ensure that the solution we provide to your communication needs is as strong as it possibly can be.

Design is defined in a myriad different ways, but we find that defining it as “a measured approach to helping a business better achieve its goals and ambitions via effective communication” works well for us.

That’s how we define design anyway, but how do we actually do it? Well to achieve this, everything starts with the “brief”.

A brief is basically a problem best solved in a visual way. That may seem like a very simplistic definition but keeping it simple is usually the best way to see things clearly.

Stupid questions.
At this point we tend to ask what, at first, seem to be stupid questions. We do this because we are trying to understand the problem you have as clearly as we can. If we’re to communicate your offer effectively, we need to get to the nitty-gritty and understand the offer, the reason it exists and the reasons you want to promote it. Look at it this way, the saying goes… the output is only as good as the input. What that really means is this; “without a good brief as a starting point, we can’t give you the best possible outcome to help you achieve your goals.”

Once we understand your problem, we start to form ideas and concepts that will help to solve the problems you tell us about. It’s a process that involves many things, inspiration, discussion, lots of coffee and various other things.

Creative process.
As all designers will tell you, the creative process is something relatively hard to define and we don’t pretend otherwise, but what we do like to do is involve our clients throughout the course of a project to try to make sure we are giving the best possible return on investment.

By building relationships like this, we can also start to see problems that might be looming over the horizon before you do. By looking in from the outside with objective eyes, it’s much easier to help you.

So, if you need to communicate your message to the world, remember that Everybody can design is here to help you do that, because… Everybody helps other people communicate.

With Everybody placed perfectly to help you improve the quality of your design work, get in touch with us today to have a chat about how we can use our expertise to help you improve the messages that your business is sending out!

Everybody’s top tips to help you get the most out of your designer:

When briefing, give as much relevant information as you feasibly can.

A strong starting point gives a much more targeted final product. The more relevant information you can give at this point means it is easier to understand the problem and therefore provide you with an effective solution.

Be honest about your goals for the project you are discussing.

From the start of a project, try to determine what the project is actually meant to do. This will ensure that your designer is producing work with your goals in mind. If that goal is simply to increase awareness of a product or service, or even to increase enquiries, those are relevant things to mention at the start of the project.

Embrace the way that your designer works.

Every designer works in a different way, just as each carpenter, painter or other craftsman would. And still they can all end up having a very similar quality result.

One designer might say that their way of doing something is the right way but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the only way to get to the end result of the same quality. For that reason it’s good to embrace the way your designer works and trusting in them that the result will be right for you, will result in a good relationship, that helps you grow your business. (See point 5)

When talking to a designer, be open about your budgets.

When a designer asks you how much you have to spend on the project in hand it isn’t because they want to know how much they can charge, it is because they are able to quickly eliminate some production techniques that will not suit the budget to start with, thus giving you better advice.

Build a strong relationship with your designer.

A good relationship with a designer will start to solve many of your problems. The stronger the bond, the more you’ll get out of it. Start solving your creative problems and build a relationship with Everybody by clicking here.

Everybody is highly experienced in the provision of design and branding for a wide range of organisations. If you want to talk to us then we’re always happy to meet you to talk through your requirements… you can make the first step by clicking here to get in touch to arrange a meeting.