Crossing the Seine in Style!

It’s been a while since I posted anything based on Architecture, and that’s for a few reasons, but I’m breaking that pattern by posting this one! In my usual way I found myself reading about this awesome way to bridge the river Seine in Paris after looking up something else completely and felt it needed sharing.

It’s by the Parisian firm Atelier Zündel and Cristea who have produced some stunning buildings to go into the city of Paris, and many other regions of France (and tom some extent outside France too). Their website is well worth a look as their work/buildings are very inspiring indeed!

But back the Bridge! It won the 3rd prize in the competition with the idea that the people who wish to cross the river can do so in a fun way, as opposed to the usual road or foot bridges that they use every day. It’s really a shame this wouldn’t be built as it didn’t win the competition.

I can’t help thinking if it was put on Kickstarter the project might gain the required funding very quickly!