Eric Feng

After a couple of posts about Hyper-real styles, it’s time to put some genuinely surreal work under your noses. The work of Eric Feng is simply stunning and I have to say really starts to fire up my imagination in so many differing ways.

Eric’s drawings reveal more and more, the longer you look at them, with subtle details being more evident as your eyes become used to the line widths used to describe the elements.

When you look through Eric’s site, it’s hard to not be inspired by the attention to detail in the wonderful “Fevolution” collection of images, which studies the infinite possibilities of evolution as the line blurs between organic creatures and mechanical creations. Simply stunning.

And, if you want to buy your own versions of Eric’s work, he’s selling limited edition prints (and T-shirts) through his shop (accessible through the main site’s navigation).

We, at Everybody, can’t wait until the feature film he is working on is finished and we can see his work in full, splendid motion. Mmmmmmm.