Paul Cadden

A few posts ago I showed you the work of the French artist Hubert Lartigue, who’s work I’ve been an admirer of for a long time. His style of Hyper Real illustration really inspires me.

This time around I’m showing you some more Hyper Real work, but this time in a medium close to my heart, that being pencils. The picture above is by the Glaswegian Illustrator/artist, Paul Cadden, who produces some of the most amazingly realistic pencil drawings around today.

Whilst he does use other media, it’s his pencil work that made me stand up and pay attention, so detailed is it, that you could be forgiven for thinking it was a photograph you were looking at. Something I really dig.

It’s really worth having a look around his website at the galleries he has put together of previous and current works to see just how masterful his ability is.