Modern Keyfinder!

Recently I’ve found myself being really inspired by the fantastic Kickstarter website, which provides a forum for creative individuals to get funding for their projects from the users of the website. It’s a wonderful concept and is making some equally wonderful ideas come to life, which could otherwise have struggled to find the money.

It’s on the site that I spotted this great idea for when you lose your keys, wallet or other items of value. When I was a kid I had a keyring that you only had to whistle at the right tone for it to beep and let you know where it, and your keys were. It was great but was annoying when thing on the TV made it go off.

Fast forward 25 or 30 years and this project gives the same great prospect of never losing your keys again. It’s an iPhone 4S compatible app and keyring device which combine to allow you to find your stuff up to 150 feet away! It’s battery operated and that battery apparently has 6 months of running time which means that after 6 months of searching, (unless you own a small country) your keys are gone.

Take a few minutes to run over there and have a look at the project yourself, and then maybe browse around for the inspirational ideas that you will wish you had thought of. Get your creative energy flowing and maybe you will be the next project to reach it’s funding goal!

So if you are a sufferer of lost-key-itis, then this is for you. Naming no names but Elroy are you listening?

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