Hubert de Lartigue

I’ve always been an admirer of those who can paint beautiful portraits of people in such great detail that they look like photographs. Hubert de Lartigue has been a favourite of mine for a good few years now and so I’m showing you the works he produces in the hope that you will like it as much as we do.

His wonderful site is a gallery of beautiful portraits, painted in acrylics on larger format canvases. When you see the paintings he has produced, you’ll see that they have the “hyper-real” feeling that all airbrushed images have, but in this case remain soft and human enough to ensure they are not too far into the realm of fantasy art that is still somewhat synonymous with the airbrush.

We highly recommend sitting down with a cup of coffee and looking through Hubert’s website and if you have time, spend a good few minutes watching the videos of his works being produced. Absolutely stunning.

Everybody is a sucker for painted portraits in any style, but these are true works of beauty. Keep up the good work Hubert! You’ve even inspired me to dig my airbrush out, blow the dust off it and get started painting again!

You can click here to see his site!

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