Turn it 90 degrees right

When it comes to places to be, it’s personal to everyone. Personally, I love New York. It’s a busy bustling and inspiring place for me to be and I love it when I get chance to spend any amount of time there. That’s why I keep an eye on things that are going on there and blog them here for you as often as I can.

So here’s one that is pure awesome… ness. Yes, I said it… awesomeness.

There’s a little coffee bar around the back of Grand Central Terminal called “d’Espresso” that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s set up to look like a library/reading room but turned 90º on it’s side. So lights that hang from the ceiling become seats, and seats become lights that protrude from the wall above the bar.

It’s designed by the talented people at Nema Workshop, a New York based group of Architects, Designers and Thinkers. If you look at their very inspirational site you will see that they have worked on some amazing projects which make you realise that design, once again, is used to give a good feeling and add a little humour to the job in hand.

Everybody says… Brilliant.

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