Turntable drawing apparatus

Being a lover of the old school LP’s I love seeing a turntable. My initial horror at the destruction of the records on the turntables I saw on the start of this video was overtaken by complete awe when I saw such a beautifully simple idea taking shape.

When I was a kid I loved to play with my “Spirograph” and so this combination of two things I was attracted to at various points in my life really struck me as something worth showing you. This is also one of those videos that you watch and it starts to mesmerise you, it’s almost hypnotic as the lines are created and so very nearly hit each other, but never quite align.

The artist behind this project is Robert Howsare whose website is well worth a look around.

We highly recommend watching the whole video in High-Def if you can, it’s an almost therapeutic way to spend a few minutes.

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